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Uber is in Dallas-Fort Worth and 542 other cities worldwide and It is OFFICIAL!!! 

Nexquisite Entertainment would like to announce that we are now under Uber's umbrella and if you would like to become an Uber Driver and get a signing bonus once you have completed less than 100 trips after being approved, go to Nexquisite Partner Sign Up with Uber
Its so easy and simple and you get to invite others to the link and allow them to sign up like YOU!!!!

Yes that is TRUE. Its legit and you can make as much money when you want, set your own schedule for anytime, any day and you can be your own BOSS!!! Instead of a part time job, you can Uber with reliable transportation and network under Nexquisite Entertainment and gain more clientele than the average 8 hour job. Weekly payouts are available!

We also provide discounts on Uber Eats for those that like to order online to their favorite restaurants get $10 off their first meal by using our promocode: UE-KEINNENDACUE

Just download the Uber Eats App >>>ubereats.com from your Google Play Store.

Mobile and Travel Services are available and Nexquisite Entertainment will be your travel guide to take you to your destinations without having to be worried about transportation during the week and weekends. Please contact us and allow us to make your drive for you!

For more information and inquiries about our Nexquisite Mobile Movement, contact 469-263-8592 or email us at nexent.org@gmail.com with your questions and will get back with you within 24 hours turnaround.

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