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~Sign up Qualifications

Nexquisite Entertainment has partnered with New Brass Rail on Sundays of every week.  Each week Nexquisite Entertainment will showcase up to 10 artists each day with live performances and prize giveaways for ticketed patrons to show our appreciation of support. 

Each performance showcases consist of the below lists:

  • 10 artists per showcase

  • $15 for 5 min slot / $25 for 10 min slot  / $35 for 15 min slot

  • Music being submitted to email address – or click the "Contact Us' Tab on the right of screen

  • Artists bring flash drive for DJ to download music into rotation for showcase

  • Artists arrive 30 mins to 1 hour before show time to determine the order for artist performance

      • Hip Hop Sundays:  Artists arrive at 7pm for 8pm showcase

        • start time (7p-12a)

  • Artist that bring 10 patrons to the showcase will earn an additional 5 min slot to what he / she have signed up and paid for

    • Ex: Artist have purchased 5 min slot and after the 10 patrons have been counted for, host will announce the upgrade for the artist continuance performance. 

    • If artist have 15 or more patrons within that one night, artist will automatically have his / her own showcase night of choice and can choose up to ( 1 ) artists to headline for him / her with no sign up fee for the next Sunday showcase

  • All artists will be interviewed by radio (Gassed Up Radio ) or videographer hired for that night along with photo shoot of artist with CodeRed (Simple Crisp Media)

  • Artist will be promoted by Nexquisite Entertainment once artist has paid for slot and picture is added to flyer.

    • Note: Artist is required to promote as well to gain a great fan base to come out and support

  • Once artist has paid for slot there will be NO REFUNDS!!!!

If artist agree to terms above, please reply back I AGREE below in comment with name and contact info:

Also you can respond back  I AGREE via email by sending your music to >>> <<<< and submit payment to link below via PayPal.


Performance Showcase


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