InkQuisite Tattoos & Piercings

InkQuisite Tattoos & Piercings was founded by tattoo artist, Rodney Davis and created and approved by NeNe Cooks, owner of Nexquisite Entertainment as of 6/21/17. The idea for the name InkQuisite comes from the original name Nexquisite collaborated with the INK Masta. InkQuisite Tattoos & Piercings is a custom tattoo shop in Fort Worth, Tx , known as Como and the atmosphere have a reputation for 3D freehand tattoos with selected colors, shadings and cover-ups. We have a professional body piercing room that is designed for privacy and facility is designed for personal privacy getting tattoos as well.

For SERIOUS tattoo inquiries, contact Rodney Davis @ 817-372-5091 and / or text 469-263-8592 to schedule an appointment.

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InkQuisite Tattoos & Piercings

4605 Horne St.

Fort Worth, TX  76107

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